Do you struggle to to accept yourself and all of those little things that make you unique?  You are not alone.

Do you struggle to to accept yourself and all of those little things that make you unique? You are not alone.

October 22, 2018 1 Comment

Professional Boxer and all round super star Bianca ‘BAM BAM’ Elmir joins our blogging team this week.  Read on to hear about her recent trip to America to promote her documentary 'Bam Bam the Movie' at the LA Film Festival and what she learned about herself in the process.

As the cliche goes “America, the land of opportunity.” I didn’t realise how great of an opportunity coming to America would actually be and was gobsmacked when I saw that it really is about having a dream. I found that Americans love someone with a bit of go in them. I don’t feel like the tall poppy getting smashed to the ground here. Now I know being a tourist in another country affords a person a certain amount of freedom, however America has reminded me of the importance of dreaming big!

The real reason I’m in America is to watch the documentary about me - Bam Bam the Movie at the LA film festival. The movie documents a four year journey of my life in the boxing world. Film maker Jemma Van Loenen has done a tremendous job at representing me authentically. Through the making of this film, I’ve come to accept myself and every imperfection, whether it be ugly, embarrassing and regretful at times. I can’t put a filter on this film; the colours or subjects covered. It is completely out of my control and it’s the most cathartic experience to sit back and accept myself in all of my complexities.

And although this experience has changed my perspective for the good, I still catch myself reacting to social pressures. I am constantly reminded of the sneaky side of social media! Its narcissistic tendencies and pursuit of perfection, I see its influence on society as debilitating. The question I am constantly asking myself is how do we retain our authenticity when there are so many platforms for comparison?

The answer I keep coming up with looks something like this - its about being authentic, imperfections and all. Those imperfections are brilliant because they are what makes you unique. I’ve learnt that it’s ok because you are enough the way you are and you don’t have to resemble others to succeed or to be happy. Accepting yourself and being grateful is the most powerful tool we have.

Which brings me to Feather and Barb and why I love their clothes and support their message.  Through this brand they are enabling so many of us to accept and celebrate ourselves. I feel comfortable wearing their dresses because I can be myself and be comfortable in my skin with every single curve and muscle that makes me, me.



Bianca 'BAM BAM' Elmir is an Australian boxer and has been the Australian Flyweight Champion and the Oceania Boxing Bantamweight Champion.  Elmir has since turned professional and continues to pave the way for women in the sport of boxing.

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October 24, 2018

What an ispiration, what a babe!!!!

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